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Telephone exchange SDX INDeX model 200 by Lucent Technology

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Telephone exchange SDX INDeX model 200 by Lucent Technology

Obtained this a couple of years ago was removed from where I was working due to upgrade so was working when removed
Came with handsets
Avaya 2030-nl 5 off
Index DT1 3 off
And a index DT3

It been stuck in a corner for a while
I just wondered if it was worth keep for a home exchange?

Telephones are not really my area of collecting
But it’s just going to sit here, I may use it or I need to pass it on

Cheers Vince

Topic starter Posted : 21/03/2014 9:55 am
Katie Bush
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Hi Vince,

These are quite nice PABXs, and yours might even be ADSL capable.. As you're probably already aware, the handsets are "dedicated" to the system (won't work on BT lines or other makes/models of PABX).. I have both a 100, and a 200, although my 200 is badged as Avaya (who took over SDX in the late 90's).

As a system goes, it's now considered 'old hat' but is still a very capable system.. Be aware that you cannot reposition any of the plug in cassettes in the cabinet, unless you have the system setup software, password, and a suitable modem cable.

If you can list the cassette models, I might still have a list of types and function.. The model numbers are on the small label at the top of the front face of each cassette, and will read something like "DSLC-32" - "ALOG-8" - "E-PRI-30" - "AL-0-24" - "DPNSS 30" and "CPU200" etc.

You should have one "CPUxxx" cassette and at least one "DSLC" and one "ALOG" or "AL" type cassettes.

The setup software and installation manuals should still be available on the Avaya website (certainly were four years ago).. System programming can be done via "Kermit" or Windows "Hyperterminal".. You will however need the command codes and the password (many system were simply left as 0000).

If your not too bothered about changing any of the system configurations, you can simply plug it in and play.. The important thing to remember is that you cannot remove or change the position of any of the cassettes unless you have the software to reset the system - So, if you haven't already done so, don't rearrange the cassettes!

It's a nice system that could be expanded to carry upto around 1000 extensions (with extension cabinets and suitable cassettes).


Posted : 22/03/2014 12:21 am
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cheers for that I think I will see if I can pass this on

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