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To donate documents for inclusion on the Radios-TV site, please use the PM system to send them to me. Documents (PDF's, DOC etc) are not permitted to be attached to posts. The reason? To have all data centrally held and easy to locate, opposed to being scattered across multiple threads and posts. The former would make finding something an onerous task, the latter centralises them, making it easy to locate what is needed.

By using this service, you agree to abide by the terms laid out below.


User Service Agreement


  • The upload service is open to all registered members who have passed the moderation stage.
  • Uploads must be your own work not others and or subject to copyright.
  • Uploads that do not meet the standards as laid out in the criteria below, will be rejected
  • Uploads are monitored and automatically reported to the admin by e-mail. This details what was uploaded and by whom.
  • All files once gathered by the admin, will be removed from the members temporary file transit location. Therefore they will no longer appear in your uploaded file list.
  • By uploading your scans you are relinquishing ownership/copyright, the documents become the property of Radios-TV.
  • Uploading documents for inclusion does not give you any special privileges or right to have a say, on how the site is run. In the past there were a handful of members who did think this. As such their documents were swiftly removed from the library. If you believe this unfair its simple, don't upload.
  • Inappropriate uploads may result in a member's suspension from the forum


  • Do scan at a minimum of 300 d.p.i. ( Higher is OK)
  • Do ensure your scan area where possible, avoids including unnecessary white/black area
  • Do a dummy run to see that it is both readable and presentable
  • Do make sure scans are centered as best you can, try to avoid skewed to the left or right, after all we would like to make it presentable to our readers.
  • Do try where possible, to avoid frayed document edges on scans.Cut from view.
  • Do remember to check you are happy with the quality of your scans before uploading
  • Do save images where possible as .PNG. at a push the highest quality JPEG
  • Do ensure if you have a manual in electronic format, to upload it is a PDF not .Doc etc
  • Do not scan individual pages of a manual or brochure pages, to single monolithic PDF’s. Scanning each page of a manual as a single PDF is not only time-consuming for me to deconstruct/reconstruct, but a huge drain on storage due to immense file sizes and number of file allocations. This type of scan will be deleted.
  • Do not upload images that are of a ridiculous file size, plan your scan.
  • Do not upload blurred, skewed or generally poor scans, you will be wasting both your time and mine as they will be rejected.
  • Do not upload documents that you’ve scanned that place a watermark of the software you used, they will be rejected.



  • Ability to do multiple file uploads via explorer interface or just drag and drop
  • Upload progress indicator bar
  • e-mail confirmation of what you uploaded, copied to admin
  • Folder list viewer shows your uploads


Patron List:

This list recognises members who have donated items, be it one item or many. In no particular order :-

Oliver (rbmt20a), Norman Raeburn, TVjon74, Duke Nukem, Frank (nuvistor), Cathovisor, Malc Scott, Stan (Electrical), Mikey66, Lloyd, The_Teleman, Marconi_MPT4, Freya, Colourmaster, Till Eulenspiegel, Jim (jcdaze), Aaron (19Seventie.


Note: The above list was compiled after this service was launched, thus recalled from memory. If you believe your name has been missed, accept my apologies and drop me a note. Now the new service logs names, it will be easier to maintain this list of recognition.

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