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I would just like to make public my thanks to forum member @rbmt20a

Oliver kindly contacted to donate a whole raft of Salora service data. If that wasn't enough, refusing reimbursement for the considerable postage costs. Many thanks Oliver, it's deeds such as yours that makes this small community special. 👍 

These will all be available as a scan-on-demand

20211115 101320[1]


Posted : 15/11/2021 10:36 am
Red_to_Black, Cathovisor, Red_to_Black and 3 people reacted
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Or even Salora! 😉 

When I finally get back some order in my life (ha!) I'll have to scan the 'K' series manual I have for the library.

Posted : 15/11/2021 11:09 am
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@crustytv, be certainly interesting to see what you have obtained there, we certainly did more than our fair share of Salora TVs, more from the J chassis onwards, I personally did many M series sets as few dealers up here could actually repair these as they just didn't understand them.

Posted : 21/11/2021 11:46 pm