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For when the 4000 repairs get underway in earnest for the HMV 2726 & Ferguson 3C03, all the service data for the Thorn 4000 series, now resides in the data library, for those that wish to play along.

This includes the following:-


  1. Data that was supplied to the AWA (Australia) Stock faults, cct desc and suggested mods.
  2. U.K. training course, including student notations
  3. Official Thorn service manual parts 1 -4
  4. Official Thorn service manual parts 5&7
  5. Official Thorn 4000 fault-finding guide
  6. 1981 'Television' two-part article covering the 4000
  7. HMV 2726 manufacturers supplement



My thanks to Ian @irob2345 for item (1)  and Jim @jcdaze for (2&4)

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