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[Closed] Wanted; Hacker HCD 1000 Service Manual

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Just picked up a 1976 Hacker HCD 1000 Cassette deck, in original box with operating instructions and brochure. Though I believe no service data included. Probably hen's teeth! Checked my stock but nothing doing. Nothing on the web either, one manual did sell on e-bay two years ago (see below). I believe is made by Nacamichi Nakamichi .

Topic starter Posted : 02/07/2020 5:40 pm
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Sorry to be picky but the Company is Nakamichi I think. Having said that I also think you are right as it is written both ways!

Posted : 02/07/2020 6:18 pm
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Oops, that'll teach me to just take a singular source on face value.


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It's definitely spelled Nakamichi  - I have five of their decks: two 1000ZXs, a 600ZX and two BX-300Es. I think the word is Japanese for "bloody heavy" - at least, that's what I thought when I first picked a 1000ZX up! A mate has a 'Dragon', bought faulty from ebay. We fixed that one evening at work! 

It'd be quite a coup if the Hacker Brothers managed to get Nakamichi to make a machine for them, I didn't think they did that sort of thing. 

I think I prefer my Tandberg though.

Posted : 02/07/2020 7:07 pm
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