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Wanted: Sharp VC-2300 service manual  

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Not often I ask for data, wondering if anyone has a service manual for a VC2300 tucked away in their data stores they might scan for me. Typically, I have loads of Sharp data (much already loaded in the library) but nothing for this.


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Posted : 24/03/2020 2:20 pm
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Katie Bush
Famed V-Ratter Moderator

By gum, I only just vaguely remember those, but I don't remember ever seeing one in real life!

As I recall, Sharp products of the period seemed to be very well engineered and put together, though I only got the chance to lay hands on two of their VCR models, one, a fairly humble front loading machine, no remote control and no fancy features. The other, a very nice, feature rich, remote control model that was streets ahead of its rivals. Damned if I can remember model numbers, but from polar opposites, they both seemed equally well put together.

Posted : 25/03/2020 10:26 pm
Noble V-Ratter Registered

We saw a couple of these over the years. Sharp machines were always well built. If I had a pound now for every idler I'd fitted!

 So many, infact, I used to base the money a yellow pages ad cost on "idlers per week" 😆 

Posted : 26/03/2020 8:34 am
Noble V-Ratter Registered

I thought I might have still had a paper manual for this, sorry no such luck!, this model certainly pre-dated pdfs.

TBF not much really went wrong with these electronically speaking, just the usual rubber bits mainly, I think I might have had the odd motor fail but that was about it, they were built like the proverbial brick outhouse.

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Posted : 05/04/2020 8:07 pm