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I'm constantly writing new articles for the blog. A few of you read, follow and comment on the blogs via the blog comment system, my thanks and also to the many guests who take the time to also give input.

Note: All articles can be found by visiting the blog here or by view just the latest or featured, via the side-bar menu

In an effort to provide further stimulus into the forum, I have introduced "Blog-Cross Site Posting".

This means any article I write for the blog, I can choose to have it automatically create a corresponding forum topic. Any comments made on the blog will not only appear on the blog article but also appear in the forum topic. Likewise, any reply on the forum topic will appear in the blog article. Its Bi-directional.

This also means folk who have not joined the forum (many don;t like forums) but do post on the blog as guests, can now have their voice heard in forum when a cross-post article is published.

You will see an auto generated link (bottom right of post) which depending on where you are (blog or forum) links you to either.

The first example can be found here

Blog Article


Corresponding forum cross-blog topic




If you've not visited the blog in recent times you will now find it a lot simpler to navigate, especially if you're on a mobile or tablet. The introduction of 'blocks' makes finding things easier than the previous multi nested menus of old.


This new feature also means I can switch 'On' the option for older blog articles, including some of my repair blogs. They will then appear as forum topics, so I may trawl through some older blog articles and do just that, we shall see.

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Posted : 16/06/2020 9:42 am
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