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Forum Enhancments: New Post Notification

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I have been asked on a number of occasions how a member can find the latest posts. This forum is quite a new system with a number of features members might not be familiar with and others they might recognise, lets address the new posts.

New Post Notifications – The model for the user notification of new and unread posts has been completely revised and is now live on the forum. Clicking/tapping on the new, red post flags will now take you to the first new post in a topic with posts themselves clearly marked.


Above is just one of the ways you can see where new posts are, you can also use the pop-out as shown

As you can see from the example above there are 20 topics with unread posts, clicking on the icon indicated by the red arrow will launch the pop-out window as see below. Please note to the right of that button is the "mark all posts as read", some of you may find this of use too.


By pressing the unread posts button you can see a pop-out window is launched, this can be closed like all other windows by clicking on the "x". This pop-out window displays a list of threads that have content you have not yet read. You can either click on the thread text which will take you to the thread or by clicking on the red flag, to the latest unread post.

Finally the third way is to use the jump box (see below) "New/Recently Updated topics", this is the least informative route but is juts another example of many ways to access new info.



As I said above, the forum is very new offering many features and is extremely scalable to meet current and future needs. More importantly for me much more manageable from a support point of view.

I hope the info above is of use.

Topic starter Posted : 08/10/2016 11:58 am
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Yes, it is of usethumb_gif

Thanks cheers

Posted : 08/10/2016 12:43 pm