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Forum Houskeeping

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Minor forum category consolidation has taken place today.

This is an attempt to reduce the number of top level sections on the homepage, thereby reducing scrolling. These sections either had minimal content and/or warranted being a sub section of another.

Sections Affected

  • "Site News & Events" becomes "Forum/Blog News & Events"
     separate "Blog News"  section removed and its posts incorporated into "News Desk"
  • "Consumer electronics
     - "Audio & Hi-Fi" gains as sub forums "Domestic Radio" (previously known as Radio) & "Music & Media Formats"
     - "Black & White Television" gains a sub forum "System Modulators & 405 Standards"
     - "Colour Television" gains as a sub forum "Video Tape Recorders & FreeView Boxes
  • "In The Workshop
     - "General Workshop" gains sub forum "Components & Products"
    - "Test Equipment" gains sub forum  "Testing Procedures, Tips & Techniques"
    - "Radio & Television Broadcast Equipment and Trade Talk" gains "Pattern Generators, Waveform Monitors & VectorScopes".


Topic starter Posted : 13/07/2018 11:42 am