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As you may be aware, I've tried to compile the definitive Thorn chassis guide, it's far from that but hopefully well on the way to being useful.

I'm now embarking on a similar Granada guide, to help decode the Granada model codes, to the original manufacturer of the TV or VCR.  Hopefully this guide will also prove useful to the communities, I know I've found having the codes helpful on more than one occasion. I've still a lot more to add, it's quite time-consuming, these are being gathered from various U-view servicing manuals.

Both guides are available as direct links via the Radios-TV menu up top.


When using either of the guides via a PC, if you hit "CTRL & F" this will call up the browser search box. Now type in the model or chassis and hit enter. For example; let's say you're in the Granada guide looking for a Granada VCR with the model code VHSFY1. This search will find VHSFY1 in the guide and take you to the exact line, showing the specific model to manufacturer. Same process for searching the Thorn guide.

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Posted : 08/07/2024 7:56 am
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Command & F for those using macs. CTRL & F works just great great on most linux flavours too.

Posted : 08/07/2024 3:35 pm
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