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A recent post (see below) got me thinking it would be great if ex members of the trade could share any photos from their time in the trade.

Perhaps you have some old photo stashed away from days gone by when you worked for one of the majors, maybe you were an independent. Also not forgetting our broadcast colleagues who I'm sure would have equally interesting things to share. It would also be nice if any members have photos they perhaps took of old high street TV shops, trade vans etc, I'm sure you get the idea.

sideband said
[..] Croydon. That was where the factory was.

The main workshop was a few miles down the road in Waddon which is where I was based for 10 years. Croydon did all the development work for G8's and G11's (and G6's but that was before I started). All the trade and customer repairs were done at Waddon and that is where we saw the K80.

The Waddon branch was known as CES and then Philips Service and basically held the workshops and spares department. There was also a trade shop where you could go and buy spares off the shelf.  

With that in mind I created a new article on the main site where we can share and all can view.

Members can use the upload service to send the photo, please ensure your photo has your name in the file name so I  can identify the owner. You can then pm me a brief description and background/context of the photo.

What do you think?

Topic starter Posted : 09/08/2017 9:12 am