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Fear not, this is not the start of hideous product placements, that'll never happen. No, this is purely an attempt to assist folk, be it members or guests looking in.

I frequently see speculation about certain items be it B&W TV, colour TV, VCR's etc. Back in the day how much they cost, what the rental was, the range, what features they had etc. All this easily answered if the person/s in question had manually looked or used the blog search facility for the vast amount of brochures available. Not just TV's though but all manner of Hi-fi equipment,  Radios, Radiograms, amps tuners, speakers decks, again there are hundreds of brochures covering all these.

Then there're frequent statements like, "Unable to find a circuit" when one clearly exists in our "Free service" data section. "How do I adjust this or set that", "My set is presenting this fault any ideas", all these covered in our stock faults or servicing the set's series for TV and VCR. Countless blog articles, trade magazines, which reports and vintage catalogues, all apparently missed.

Its pretty clear that folk looking in fail to notice the blog or see the services on offer, skipping straight to the forum. To this end as some of you may have noticed, I've revamped the Blog front-end. Gone the endless nested "Blue menus" above, which on a mobile device were unwieldy. In comes the swish new boxes format, OK still a bit of scrolling but its brighter and easier to navigate. Also, if you use Facebook or any other social media surely you must be used to scrollling by now. As I say, these are also much easier and clearer to navigate if you're on a mobile device, but equally easy to use on a desktop.

So when you hit the blog front page, each of the boxes tries to categorise all the relevant info to that subject in that one area.


On the blog homepage the menu is not present, actively encouraging the use of the boxes. However, navigate to any blog page or service and a menu will appear. When on the blog be it viewing articles or services, the menu is blue and just two options back to blog or onto forum.

You'll also notice the menu now changes colour and has fewer options to worry about. When on the forum the Menu is dark grey and again few menu options to confuse.

Finally, the Vrat Adverts (example below). These will now appear on the side-bar (if you're on a desktop) or further down the page, when on a mobile device. These adverts are site specific and will only promote services offered here, they cycle around.


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Posted : 11/05/2020 10:53 am