[Sticky] Want To Demo Your fault or Work Via a Video on Youtube?  

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Vrat members who are working on a project or fault, might find it useful to share the results of their work or seek assistance with a tricky fault, via a video. 

Now some members may not have or indeed no wish to set up a channel to present these videos. Most members however do have a smartphone or camera, so why not take advantage and make use this forums youtube channel?

If you wish to make use of this service then you can upload your video via the "members upload service". The system will automatically notify me that a video has been uploaded and by whom. I will then transfer and make your video available via the forums youtube channel, then e-mail you the video link so you can embed it in a forum post.

Thus far one member (Brian R) has used the service to demo his B&W Thorn TV faults and of course many of you will have seen the videos I have posted on the Thorn 9600 and recently the Philips N1500 and N1700 video repairs.

I think this feature will be of great help to members seeking help with a fault or wishing to show off a particular repair or feature, at the same time adding a new dimension to aid in remote fault diagnosis. Please help the channel to grow by subscribing and perhaps considering using the service as detailed here, when you next tackle a repair.

There's a short cut to the channel via the hot bubbles on the right-hand side of the forum. 👍 

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Posted : 15/01/2019 8:54 am Red_to_Black liked
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Hi all.

Sorry for the absence - been working on another project - my LED torches. 

I have been videoing some of my televisual activities using a smartphone, and will hopefully be resuming my TV projects soon. I'm going to collect all the vids together and edit them before I post any. Watching shango066 at work inspired me to do some video commentary as I worked. Getting good images on the phone of television pictures without blanking can be problematic, as phone CCD sensors and television run at different scan rates. I was however quite surprised how well the camera worked inside the set, being able to focus really well on the PCBs and the CRT neck! 

I'm going to practice filming some TV using my Roku, Philips BM7502 and some royalty-free footage so I can get the hang of it!

A word of caution is advised if you decide to record a television programme being displayed - copyright subsists on almost everything that is broadcast - programmes and music in particular. I think that this is why most people use a test card to display on their sets. It's fine to record it, but when you put it up on youtube, algorithms will pick out the slightest snippet of copyright music or programming, so I'm told!

Posted : 15/01/2019 7:11 pm
Vrat Founder Admin

For folk who have not subscribed to the Vrat-Tube channel, there is now a channel trailer, hop on over to the channel, it will automatically play when you visit. At the end, well........ go on you know you want to hit that subscribe button. 😉

For folks that are already subscribed many thanks, your support is greatly appreciated  👍 and as a subscriber you can view the new trailer via the video list.

The more subscribers we get the more I'll be encouraged to get better at the process of content creation and continue to bring other varied repairs and projects to the bench for filming. I've bought myself the video editing software suite and now a large tripod with pivot and camera clamp both which should make things a little easier. Don't forget as a member of Vrat you can always use the channel ( like Brian "Focus diode" did )to get help with a tricky fault by filming it, then uploading the video file via the forum members upload service


To access Vrat-Tube, click or tap on the appropriate 'Hot link' ( example at the start of this paragraph).
This link is to be found on the right-hand side of the forum page, the 'side-bar' menu (if viewing via a pc) or if viewing via a phone or tablet, swipe down to find the 'hot link bubbles' further down the page.

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VRAT-Tube: Please subscribe and help the channel grow.

Posted : 08/02/2019 12:29 pm
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I have my own You-tube channel. Obviously I have not been looking at You-tube or my own channel for some weeks. I used to post up some silly or simple things in the main or mods to the Rover 75 but they were more aimed at the novice rather than detailed repairs to faulty TV's etc. I'm still getting my head round my loss but I do intend to get back to this sometime in the future and will of course subscribe to VRAT Tube in due course.

Cheers Trevor
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Posted : 10/02/2019 10:05 pm Red_to_Black and Marc liked
Vrat Founder Admin

It has been privately pointed out to me that some members will be apprehensive about making a video to show off their work or demonstrate a fault. This being due to an intense hatred of hearing their own voice or just plain uncomfortable talking on camera.

Let me reassure you that is understandable but in no way a showstopper for you, I have a solution to this and I hope you agree a good one.

For those that fall into this category, let me reassure you, you do not have to speak. If you provide me with a written description of what you wish to have said, ( you can do this via pm or e-mail)  my video production & editing software provides text to speech and its very good. However if you prefer I can also easily just annotate with text information slides with the channel theme tune providing some light background music.

So you see there's no reason for anyone to feel or be left out. Just film your video, upload it via the members service, provide the text, state if you wish voice or text cards and you can participate with content on the channel  👍 

Crusty's Collection: Read the repair blogs
VRAT-Tube: Please subscribe and help the channel grow.

Posted : 15/02/2019 4:25 pm Red_to_Black and Marc liked
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Great idea Chris, I might have a go.


Posted : 15/02/2019 5:12 pm

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