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Thanks to Chris for getting the web site working, these things happen, it's just a machine at the end of the day, they break from time to time.

Topic starter Posted : 31/08/2017 2:19 pm
Vrat Founder Admin
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Hi Frank,

Quite by chance a fairly significant failure was detected which necessitated a site wide recovery. This means we are recovered to around 21:30 yesterday, any posts made after are likely lost.

I get e-mailed copies of any posts made to the forum, I can tell you all we lost were 6 posts (Andrew has already remade one of those so only five lost ) which in the grand scheme of things is pretty darn good. I'm still left with some significant fault to fathom but I won't bore you with that, 99% of the site is up so its good to go.

Apologies to all for the inconvenience of the site being off-line this morning and also apologies to the members it directly affected post wise. These include Marion, Andrew, Frank and particularly new member Jon who posted a fairly large thread in the DIY section asking about kitting out his workshop etc.

The site backup policy is every 24 hours and  takes 4 hours to complete. Based on that frequency if a recovery is required, there can be up to a maximum of 24 hours data loss, usually less as in this case. We are not a business with a critical 24x7 up-time requirement, therefore enhanced backup schedules and associated offline storage costs don't warrant increased frequency.

Thankfully these occurrences are few and far between but at the end of the day as Frank points out, its software and hardware which from time to time can and will break.

Posted : 31/08/2017 2:38 pm
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Also it doesn't stop the world from turning or the sun from rising so in the great scheme of things, it doesn't really matter.....!

Posted : 31/08/2017 2:49 pm
Katie Bush
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Ah well, Forrest Gump was credited with inventing that well known American saying......

"Stuff happens" (Brown stuff, that is). innocent

Posted : 31/08/2017 9:44 pm