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Memorabilia 1975/76 Tandberg

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Recently acquired this 1975/1976 brochure covering the TV's on offer for those years. Covering models TV 122 & 123, 124, 125, 126 & 133. Included; a flyer detailing period cabinet offerings, very Dynatron-esque.  U.K. stockist list and finally, the all important price list covering many products in addition to TV's, from August 1976.

Nice to finally see my TV-122 and its price for the year being £378.00. The one that is staggering for 1976, is the fancy “queen Anne” cabinet version of the TV 133, in rosewood finish, a whopping £729.00. 😲 The price list in general for that year is eye watering.

These will be scanned in due course and added to the brochure section of the blog.

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Looking at the dealer listing for the North of England Cheshire area, those towns are on the wealthy side of Manchester, if they chose to put shops in similar areas around the country they could well have higher prices.


Posted : 11/12/2021 9:45 am
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I'll look forward to seeing this scanned.

It's a little unclear, but the address of the shop in Stockport would have been just down the road from where I am.

Even without the fancy cabinets Tandberg sets looked quite smart.

My memory is a little unclear but I think the family of one of my friends had a Tandberg until the late 1980s.  Certainly their TV had a wooden case & a single digit LED channel display, but no remote control that I can remember.

It was looking a bit dated by the time they replaced it with a typical late 1980s TV with an on screen display.

Posted : 11/12/2021 2:15 pm
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I had a CTV3 Tandberg that was a year old when I purchased it, a 22 inch model. 

It was made in the Haddington factory and never gave a fault, it was passed on still working when my mother died in 2001 an excellent set and nicely made. Sorry no photos though. Clydesdale sold many and rented a good few, faults were few and far between but most issues were straightforward and I never remember any of our engineers having problems with them. The CTV2 chassis had power supply issues though and there is a certain procedure you MUST follow after replacing any components in it, do it wrong and you'll blow it up and have to do a blanket replacement. 

Posted : 18/03/2022 12:16 am