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When I was an apprentice radio and TV engineer, I would sometimes have to go out on the vans with an engineer if there were heavy items to deliver or collect. Not all the calls were like this, some were field repairs.
Customer interaction was interesting and there was as much to learn about this as there was about the technology. 
The TV at this customer's house had frame crushing at the bottom of the picture causing a black area at the bottom oof the screen. Since it was a simple problem the engineer suggested that I did the repair, so I replaced the PCL85 and as a precution replaced the cathode components.
While this was going on the engineer was chatting to the customer about everything and nothing but when the customer asked what had caused the fault, my ears pricked up.
"Do you watch many westerns?
"Yes we do actually, why do you ask?"
"Well where do you think the dead Indans go when when they fall off their horses?"
"Well they fall to the bottom of the screen and that's what pushed the picture up"
I had just re-fitted the back on the TV, my ears were burning with embarrassment.
We made a quick escape. No complaints were made.
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