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Trade Chat Granada Television; Field Kit & Two Brochures

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As you all know I love to also collect where possible Field engineers kits. I've been lucky over the years having acquired in this area a Thorn 3k Field Kit, D|E|R, Philips and an independents large van case packed with all manner of items. This week I managed to get a Granada engineers transistor and Diode kit. Issued in June 1971, one tin is still full of all the packets, the other empty.

20210609 104736
20210609 104753
20210609 104759

Also acquired are two 1971 brochures that appear to have never been issued as they are in pristine condition. Not even creased from being opened to read and complete with their price lists, equally untouched.

20210609 105856
20210609 105913
20210609 105925
Topic starter Posted : 09/06/2021 11:01 am