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Having recently digitised the Philips G11 training audio tape, it got me curious as to the range that was on offer.

Gathering as much as I could from all my data books I've tried to amass the range from 1978 to 1980, (the ones shown may have been available before in 1977 and later models after 1980)  there are quite likely omissions, but where else are you going to find them on the web in once place, other than this site.

I'm quite taken with the G22C664 and quite horrified by the G22C701/1 stand, what were they thinking, it looks so out of place! I also wonder just how stable the G22C664 was on its stand? I could see some naughty little one rocking back and forth when play school was on, trying to make Humpty fall, only to have the G11 comply instead. Furthermore, I'm guessing the all plastic front versions towards the end of the 1980s, were the MKII range?


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Posted : 07/06/2024 3:28 pm
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Actually the 664 was very stable...I know because one of my ex-girlfriends asked me to get one for her. I also converted it to full remote control because she actually wanted the 665 but that didn't come in white....and of course I was only too willing to oblige. I was able to not only buy the set at staff price but also carry out the mods in the workshop which allowed the relationship to progress......!!

The design of the stand was such that is was very difficult to topple (the topple test involved placing the TV on a 'tilt' table and ensuring that the set doesn't topple at 15 degrees). I don't remember the actual figure now but it was well beyond 15 degrees before the point of 'no return'.


Posted : 08/06/2024 6:41 am
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