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I'm sure many of us either own or have perhaps at least read the "Mullard Book" on PAL Colour Television, first printed in 1967. But, have any of you seen Thorn's Investigation report from the previous year, 1966? No, me neither.

One of my searches recently had this crop up, Thorn-AEI Applications Lab investigation report No.L113 covering P.A.L Colour Television. I have to confess one of my main reasons, though not the only, was hoping it might describe or even have images of the mythical Thorn 1000. Sadly that was a bit optimistic, the report is pretty much as described, a very dry, equation filled, 34-page lab report. Still all part of the history and as such a worth addition to be scanned for the Vrat Data Library.

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I hadn't realised Thorn & AEI had worked together, by the end of the 1960s GEC had swallowed up AEI.

Posted : 19/06/2021 2:02 pm