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With the recent addition of the Trade publication discussed here, it got me wondering just how many other manufacturers produced monthly publications to the trade.

The ones I'm aware of and we have:-


  • CES Philips (I believe we have them all from issue No.1)
  • CRTS  KB-STC Service Bulletins (I have only 4 in my collection to scan)
  • D|E|R Contact (I've 10 of these to scan from issue No.1)
  • Ferguson Feedback (40 currently being scanned, from issue No.1)
  • Mullard Outlook (Seven in the library)
  • Radio Rentals Technical Info (I've a good few of these to scan)
  • Rediffusion Engineering (I've 17 to scan)
  • RBM Service Skill (I had five and they're already scanned for the library)


Putting aside the obvious like Trader, ERT, BRT, RCR etc, did anyone else produce in similar format to the above? Maybe some other rental outfits like D|E|R produced something, say Granada, multibroadcast etc.


Topic starter Posted : 22/06/2020 1:56 pm
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Sony had a monthly technical Info magazine called Service-Matters in the 80's. It was well produced and had a lot of circuit explanations and mods etc. I've still got a few. Multibroadcast had an in-house monthly newspaper called Newslink but that was mainly sales type stuff, I've got a fair few of them along with folders crammed full of technical information from the 70's. Thorn had an in-house newspaper called Headline in the 70's along with another one called Thorn News. I've got a few of them including one with a list of 2-300 companies that they and EMI owned at that time. They could be scanned but it would be kind of difficult as they are tabloid size. 

Posted : 22/06/2020 2:50 pm
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We had the Philips and RBM publications but in the 70’s I don’t remember ITT,Toshiba and Hitachi having similar publications. If they did I would be interested to see them as well. Hacker and  Roberts would send out a neatly typed letter from the service manager for the very few occasions extra information was required.


Posted : 22/06/2020 9:32 pm