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Trade Chat TV repairs today.

Till Eulenspiegel
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I still receive requests for TV repairs from the shop phone.   Most calls are about no picture faults which almost certainly will be backlight failure. Well, it seems nobody else wants to repair TV sets, the get out is tell the potential customer there is a £60 call out charge and £40 pounds per hour for the actual servicing job.  It would seem the reality is of course most repairers shy away from doing backlight repair jobs, too many cracked screens during the repair process. One caller yesterday told me the cost to repair the Vestel made Toshiba LCD will be £200! And that's without looking at the set.

 Most people are reconciled to the fact TV sets are not repairable items anymore and the fact is repairers don't want to fix TVs anyway.

Till Eulenspiegel.

Topic starter Posted : 22/06/2021 1:29 pm
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My own "slab of plastic of the wall" back light failed recently. It was a Pana, 9 years old. Parts £140+VAT , wife wanted a "smart" TV. The end.... 

Fielded in the G8 for a couple of days until it's replacement arrived. It performed faultlessly for 2 days. 

Funnily enough I use the smart bit quite a lot, I don't think SWMBO has used it once.  

Posted : 22/06/2021 2:52 pm
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