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[Solved] Feb 2020: Forum Module Software Update

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I've just installed the latest version of the forum module. Mostly this is backend enhancements and bug fixes. However, this update brings with it one long awaited feature we used to enjoy on the PHPBB3 forum package before we switched, and one new feature.


The "New" flag is back

Folk asked for this when we moved onto Vrat 2, it's been a long time coming but worth the wait. It was always fairly easy to identify new forum content prior to this see here, now its even easier. To easily identify new forum content you will now see "New" flags (see attachment below). Clicking on the "new" flag will take you to the first unread post of the thread.  Feature only visible to logged-in users.

Note: As it's a newly installed feature you may have hundreds of "new" flags. Obviously you will not wish to visit all 98,000+ posts, so use the "mark all read" option which resides in the footer. From then on you will see actual new content flags.


Control Panel & "LIVE" Notifications

This sits on the sidebar of desktop users and below the stats for mobile users. The bell icon which I'm sure folk are familiar with from other apps, shows the number of notifications you have, and they happen "Live". Clicking/tapping on the bell will expand to reveal the type of notifications you have, these are as follows:-

Note: This is the first version so it'll be actively improved with new features in upcoming versions. Currently, it notifies for:

  • New reply in your topic
  • New reply / quote to your post
  • New like to your post
  • New up / down vote to your post


Note: Guests only see a link to login or register.



"Attachments" enhanced.

The module that handles photo attachments to a post has been enhanced, making life a little easier. You will now see a "My Media" option below the editor window. Clicking on this will show your media library, from here you can add new images or use existing ones. The module no longer inserts the confusing codes and photo ident number, it just simply inserts the photo thumb.