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[Solved] Forum Toolbox Talk No.1: Spoiler

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I thought about starting a set of "Toolbox Talks", these would cover certain services and features available on the forum, blog and data library, that folk might not be familiar with. I'm not sure how useful these will be or even if required, perhaps I'm preaching to the already educated or disinterested.

The services at this site including the forum are feature rich and although the forum module behaves in some ways similar to other forums you may frequent, it has many more modern features they don't. Some of these features many of you have already discovered, like the "mention", "Tags", "Likes", "Subscriptions", "social shares" and "notifications" to name just a few.  Many more are being added with each new release of the software.

If you're not familiar with any of those described, perhaps they might form subject matter for subsequent toolbox talks.

One such feature has been with us a while and thus far I've not seen it used and will be the subject of this toolbox talk.

Toolbox Talk No.1: "Spoilers"

What may you ask are spoilers? A spoiler allows you to create drama in a thread, OK maybe not drama but it allows you to hide something folk might wish to initially avoid knowing. For example, lets say you're helping a member with a TV fault. You see them struggling, you know the answer but equally don't want to pile in there and spoil their fun or education by trial. This is where using a spoiler comes in handy. It allows you to provide information but let the other member/s choose if they wish to use know it.

To simply set up a spoiler click on the + sign within a circle that resides on your forum editors tool-bar.


This will launch a dialogue (see photo #1) box, type in the text you wish the reader to see, for example "Click here for the answer". The forum will insert into your post the relevant code (see photo #2) and delimiters, all you need to do is insert what you want hidden between them.

Here's an example:-

This is the fix, for your Fault
  • Replace the sync coupling capacitor to remove the cogging

You can see the example below of setting up the one in this thread (see photo #3)

As you can see, very simple to use and very effective. That concludes this toolbox talk, I hope you found it informative and perhaps useful, let me know down below, if you think this talk was useful and in general if the talks are a good or bad idea.


Admin Edit: 29+hrs and 35 views later, zero comments or input. That's an emphatic no to toolbox talks then or interest in spoiler.