[Solved] Hmmm...This site cannot be reached  

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I am frequently getting the above message but clearing cookies will solve it for a couple of minutes. I cannot remain logged in and really don't know what to do. I always have to clear cookies upon any login attempt again, and then trying to post or read or navigate on the site I get the same message.

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Sorry, the message is "Hmm...cannot reach this page"  have to type quickly before I get thrown out again lol

Been like it for a week or so now, no other site it happens with so I really am stuck.

Sorry....briefly, windows 10 and regular google

Here is what I still get, even reset the PC and re-installed windows.

Hmmm... cannot reach this page

Try this

The connection to the website was reset.



I don't think it was necessary to reinstall Windows but hey-ho its done now.  As I mentioned before that message is what Microsoft's browser is returning, does the same thing happen when using chrome or Firefox browsers?


What about browsing via your phone (mobile data not home wi-fi)?


Disable wi-fi on your phone or router as you want to force the phone to use mobile data plan and therefore your mobile providers DNS not your home Broadband connection. If it works on the mobile data plan which I'm sure it will, that shows its a local problem either your router or something on the PC.


Now re-enable wi-fi so your phone goes out via your router, make sure it is perhaps turn mobile data off on the phone to force wi-fi. If this works its narrows it down further to just the PC as the mobile will have used your routers current DNS config so proves its not your DNS. However if the phone now fails in the same manner as your PC then it will point towards the router DNS.


If its the latter, change the router DNS to use public DNS as specified in my answer post below and see if that makes any difference.


Did you try the hosts file entry I suggested yesterday?

I am using Firefox now and it seems ok....fingers crossed.

Not sure how to do the file hosts Chris...all a bit of an unkown to me.

Being PC illiterate is not helping matters.

Posted By: PYE625

"I am using Firefox now and it seems ok....fingers crossed"

As I very much expected it would  👍 


I've said it before and I'll say it again, in my opinion Microsoft never have nor ever will, produce a decent browser.

This is the longest I have been able to stay logged in now for some weeks lol. 😆 

Hope no one is now crying hehe !

Microsoft are abandoning  their EdgeHTML engine that runs their Edge web browser and are going to use the Chromium engine that Google Chrome uses. 

I don’t know the time line but probably later in 2019.



Good to see you back in the forum.

No joy, looks like I am unable to access it.

I've just reinitialised your library card.


To pick this new card up you will need to click on the logout link above and then re-login. This will ensure you pick up the new card and thus clear the fault. Its advisable to clear the current Radios-TV cookie that you have.


However please note; the library access card is handled by cookies, if you have not accepted or have blocked cookies from Radios-TV, then you will not be able to access services such as the data library.

Thanks Chris 👍 


I wondered where you had been.

What OS and Web browser are you using, not that it helps you but I haven't had problems with computer, tablet or Phone?

Have you a AV application that has gone rouge?

Definitely try another web browser, I am using Safari but that no use to if you don't use Apple products. I will log in with Firefox and see if that is OK for me.



Using FF now, see how I on with it.

Looks like you were cutoff again.

Presume you have tried rebooting your router and PC?

You mentioned Google, would that be Chrome?

No doubt Chris will be along to give a proper answer.



What ISP are you using, it could be a routing problem with them but need to confirm it’s not your PC or internal net work.

If you are using Chrome, after a quick web search Chrome can have issues from time to time.

Some are reporting problems after the latest MS update , as your computer recently been updated to the latest Win 10 version. 

As a quick test you could disable AV while accessing the site.

I would try the other suggestions first. Reboot machine and router and try another browser.



To clear the DNS cache run the command


ipconfig /flushdns



I have no evidence or reason to believe this is in any way shape or form, a site/server related problem.

Firstly "Hmm...cannot reach this page" is a message generated by MS Edge when it cannot find or resolve a web address, Chrome and Firefox give a different response message which would be "This site cannot be reached". 

Furthermore the error message you are getting would suggest a local problem at your end, perhaps related to DNS resolution for Radios-TV. Why this would manifest itself in the past week for you or chose to only impact Radios-TV, is something I cannot answer.

It might be related to applications you have updated/installed or any other such combination of random causes. I suppose as a test you could ping Radios-TV, that should return the server IP address (if it doesn't you certainly have resolution problems), you could then put a static entry in your local 'hosts' file (c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts) to see if that brings stability. Its not a recommended fix, only an aid in narrowing it down to shed some light on the fault. It might also be worth temporarily changing your routers configuration to use public DNS instead of your ISP's. If you do this remember to take note of the prior configured addresses or take a router config dump so you can return it to the original set up.

All Franks suggestions should be tried first as your standard fault finding approach.

I have just tested access to the site via the following systems, all work.

  • Windows XP with Firefox
  • Windows 10 with Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • Apple iPad iOS Version 9.35 with Safari 
  • Apple iMac OSX 10.5.x with Safari
  • Android 7.0 with Chrome
  • Android 8.1 with Chrome

Do you run Avast anti-virus? If so temporarily disable it when the fault occurs, see if that has any effect.

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I no longer have access to the data library, perhaps it could be connected with the above issues?

Log out then back in again, that cures it for me.


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