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Please can I urge all members to keep their vrat account information current, especially with regards to making sure the e-mail address assigned to your account is correct.

If you change your e-mail provider no doubt you let your bank, energy supplier and doctors know, equally you need to do so here. Its a simple task to quickly edit and update your account with the new information. Not only is it necessary and a prerequisite of having a membership here, its also to be in compliance with the new GDPR act which came into effect May 2018.

Without a current valid e-mail address associated with your account, if you forget your password and are unable to login, you will be unable to reset your forum password. You will also not receive notifications from the private forum messaging, notifications from subscribed threads and many other services we offer. Most importantly should the need arise the staff and I may need to contact you in confidence on certain matters, without a valid e-mail this is task is made impossible.

Finally and what prompted me to post today, when I receive kind support via the site donation page, if I cannot associate who the donation came from by cross referencing the e-mail to a user account, I'm unable to post personal thanks and acknowledge the members contribution on the donation page.

Of course it might well be that the donation comes from a non member but I thought it best to ask everyone to help by making sure their data is correct.

Thank you for your anticipated help.


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