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[Closed] New Registrations; Advice Aimed At New or Potential New Members  

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Note: This ticket is aimed purely at new members or potential new members

A noticeable trend over the past year or so for new members to register and then do one of the three following things :-

  1. Register and never verify, thus not completing the registration process.
  2. Register & verify which completes the registration process, but they never return to log in.
  3. Register, verify & perform the initial login, but never seen again from that initial day.

The above scenarios get picked up by the automated housekeeping system, resulting in the following steps for each category

  1. Will result in that account being deleted within 24 hours.
  2. Will result in the account being deleted within 7 days.
  3. Will result in the account being deleted in 60 days.

Before we go any further, let me reassure members

Any account that has completed all the steps and has made forum posts but becomes inactive due to exceeding the 2-month login threshold, need not worry. These accounts will never be deleted, they will just be either left or marked as inactive. We have many of these type of accounts, some members have not visited us in a long time. If one of these account holders returns after a lengthy absence and find they cannot log in, they should first try resetting their password. If that fails use the contact form and ask for their account to be reactivated.


Some forums are happy for their system to have hundreds if not thousands of non-used accounts, bloating their databases and making the administration of accounts a tiresome task. Having to page through these inactive, non-used accounts when performing sysadmin tasks, is laborious. Thus, its avoided here as Radios-TV Vrat does not operate this way, our policy is, as detailed above. Over the years it has served us well, which is why you see the number of members in the footer stats wax and wane.

Therefore new members, its quite simple, if you wish to maintain an account here the very least you need to do is register, verify and periodically login at least once every two months. You don't need to post, just login to reset the housekeeping clock.

Note: I post this now as I noticed yet again in the firewall logs a couple of "new" members being blocked by the firewall having fallen foul of 1 & 2. Despite clearly being asked to read the site rules and confirm doing so as part of registration, all this clearly defined in #9.