Newly Registered User: For the Attention of "Vectamart"  



I'm posting this response here for new user Vectamart, as I don't think you are receiving e-mails from Radios-TV and there is no other way to let you know.

You contacted me regarding your registration of this morning, you stated you had not received the activation e-mail. I have checked the system and one was sent.  I have also performed a test registration and can confirm the system is creating users and sending the appropriate communications. I can also see that your account was registered but is sitting in the "pending queue" awaiting you to click on the link in the activation e-mail, this fully activates the account so you can login.

I have told the system to resend the activation e-mail, I have also responded via e-mail to your contact request. However I have not seen the account activate nor have I received a response to the e-mail responding to your contact. I can therefore only assume that your ISP, AOL or PC is marking e-mails from the Radios-TV domain as spam and black-holing them.

In your contact communication you state that you had checked your spam folder but nothing was found, however as I suggested above some ISP's provide blocking at server (mine does and I have a white-list/black-list running) before delivery to your client so it might be worth checking there as well.

There is nothing further I can do at this point as a prerequisite of joining Radios-TV is functioning e-mail communications.

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The firewall at 15:24 hrs just locked you out from the site for 5 mins because you tried to login with the username and password you registered with. This occurred because you have not yet confirmed your e-mail by clicking on the link in the activation e-mail. 


You MUST click on the activation link in the e-mail first, then you will be able to login without any problem. See section two of this thread.

I see you have found the registration e-mail, have now used the activation link contained within and now successfully logged in to the forum.  👍  


Many thanks for your help. It seems that the problem was with my email service provider. I have now logged in successfully.

Thought that might be the case. Welcome aboard.   🍺 

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