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F.I.O. [Sticky] Registering & Not Logging in.

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To prospective new members, rather than sending me a complaint when your account is deleted, perhaps pay attention to rule number 9.2. You of course would have read it, when you checked the rules, wouldn't you? Here's the relevant extract.


9. Accounts:

  1. New verified registrations, that are not logged in within 48-hours of activation, will be removed.


  2. Accounts that have had the initial login, but have been inactive for 2 months, meaning no login and have not made any posts, will be marked for deletion. If you want your account to remain active, you need to log in from time to time.


  3. Accounts that have been inactive for over 6-months but have made posts, will only be marked as inactive and disabled. Meaning, you will not be able to log in.Note: contact can be made via the “contact” page to request account reactivation, this only applies to stage 3 accounts.


Regarding accounts deleted after 7-days of registration, with no initial log in.

When you registered, you should have read the rules, you have to tick a box indicating you have done so, otherwise you cannot complete registration. If you just ticked the box without reading the rules, then that is your problem, not mine, no point contacting me to complain when your account is deleted.


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