[Closed] Site outage this afternoon  



There was an automated security update this afternoon that resulted in the IP geo lock database not being loaded and as a result it went into lockdown mode. This would have resulted in all visitors seeing "access denied" messages. I was unaware of this as I was out doing other things, upon my return I found the fault and fixed it immediately.

I have been informed by an associate that rumours and assumptions had started, "troubles at Vrat". I really do think people should move on, be a little less critical and perhaps a little more understanding. As I detailed in another thread, there a large amount of software packages that run this site and its services, they receive frequent enhancements and updates, occasionally some will fail resulting in a temporary site or service outage.

That said outages are are few and far between, I do my level best to fix them quickly when they happen. I do have a life outside running the forum so it will be fixed as soon as humanly possible, there should be no need to jump to any wild conclusions.

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I did notice, but as you, I have other things in life. 

Knew it would be sorted when you found out, if not I would have emailed you to let you know.



There was an outage this afternoon?


Better thought that it does the lock-out at times like these, because I at least would dread to think of the potential damage that could result as a consequence of a security breach. I have no idea how long that would take to sort out, but in my mind's eye, I envisage a lonesome figure beavering away for several days (not hours) to rectify the problem.

One thing to take from this experience is the sure and certain knowledge that the site's security is on the ball and protecting our asses assets!

Perhaps, if it were possible, it might be worth inserting a pop-up message that lets people know it's only a system glitch - should scotch any unfounded rumours?

If it ain't fixed, don't break it!............


I guessed there was loss of vision due to technical difficulties, but pleased normal service has been resumed.  ? 

To understand the black art of electronics is to understand witchcraft.


Never noticed and wouldn't have worried anyway. It couldn't have been for very long because I was on briefly this afternoon. People should get a life!

I have a life thank you.

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