System logging me out and not storing password  



Hi Chris.

Not a big issue TBH but when I come back I always need to log in. I use Linux Mint 19 & Firefox on the laptop & PC in the shed and Chrome on the android Huawei phone. All three do the same. Strange thing is I click remember me and Firefox asks me to update password which obviously I have now many times. Any Ideas?

Also seems David Boynes has locked himself out (I did tell him he did it wrong) as has Gary and Malc.

Hope this is of use help.

Cheers Trevor
Radiomuseum Member. Collection HERE

I have had the same issue with Linux and Firefox and have fixed it.

I went into the prefrences and security and looked at all my saved log ins for and removed all entries that had old passwords so that the only login that could be used automatically was the one with the correct password. The log in manager appears to work sequentially and simply editing the password in the top entry sometimes also works as this is not the first site to do this.

It is a Firefox quirk.


I've just cleared out all the entries as Ref suggests and I don't get the error message as the correct password is now properly stored, odd as Firefox should update the password when prompted.


Hi Trevor,

Hope this answers the two points raised.

1. Sessions

As part of the security here, members sessions time-out. This means if the user is inactive for a specified time, they will be forcefully logged out next time they return and have to re authenticate (login). 

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2. Lock-outs

Yesterday about 10 members were forced by the system to choose stronger passwords as the ones they were using were weak and did not meet the minimum security standard. Seven members successfully completed the task of changing their password and logged in without any trouble. Three, David, Gary & Malc were recorded in the site log files as having changed their passwords but then failed subsequent login attempts.

Upon speaking to Gary today, it transpires he forgot his new password, then tried guessing or tried the old resulting in a temporary lock-out. Of course none of the attempts would work and the repeated incorrect logins are seen by the firewall as hack attempts. The system automatically tells the user they have caused a transgression event and even gives them a count down of how many they have left before automated action is taken. When they near the limit of transgressions it suggests they stop doing what they are doing and think. Time to contact the site admin for help at this stage, none did the first day, only Gary did today.

I said to Gary if he forgot his new password why not just use the reset password option and this time write it down? He did this and logged in successfully this evening at 19:35hrs.

I suspect David and Malc are doing the same, forgetting or using the wrong password. Rather than repeatedly performing an incorrect action triggering transgression events, folk need to pause, think what happened prior to all this. See that before the changed a password they were logging in just fine and that's where the trouble started. The solution for David and Malc is simple; reset their password again and this time write it down so as not to make a mistake.

Hope that helps.



Registering, Logging in and resetting passwords are covered in a support article here


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Thanks Chris.

Makes perfect sense and fully understandable.

I'll pass on the info to David.

Keep up the good work ? 

Log files confirm Gary and Malc have successfully reset their passwords and are logging in just fine.

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