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F.I.O. [Closed] Deactivated VRAT Accounts

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The accounts listed below have not logged in for anywhere between 1 - 8 years.

The deactivated accounts are still valid at Vrat, they are just “deactivated”, meaning you will not be able to log in. If any member in the list wishes to reactivate/login and participate in the forum, just use the link in your deactivation e-mail or failing that use the contact form here, I will be happy to reactivate your account.

Deactivated Accounts List as of 18/02/2022

  colly0410 greggzie
Addiscombephil Combo1810 grumpy70yearold
AdrianHolmes cortina-city hans
aerodyne daggers hartley118
Africa Shell dangerman HD41117
aidanlunn danny Heathy1
AlanJ danpopescu Hector1
alanworland Darren327 Henry
alleyoop DavidParfitt Herald1360
AllTheGearNoIdea DavidStafford HuntsSmoothingBomb
alpaso1 DavidW ian
amrad denis ianj
analogueaddict   ianm
  dr wobble ijk2008
andrewausfa dtvmcdonald IrishTV
Andy-w duckman italian1124
AnnieslandJohn duke nukem itmog57
anorth_uk Duncan itsjolie
Ashleytiger duncanleece J4Joe
audiomagpie E51R8IKC2 JAB1444
Audiorelics EABC80 JamieJamieBrown
audioreplica ECC808 JCG
Barny eddinning Jet Radio
bassoonbloke Ekco-scott JoanaCSAAD
Beardyman ekcopyephilips john116
BernieH essexray johncaswell
BetaPhil evingar johnconradlee
BigLoon farmroadboy59 Johns-Vintage-Audio
bluepilot Farzooks jolly1
bouncybroccoli Felix83 Jonno
boyblue ferrett jSumner
brased FiKiBE j_purc
brunel Foggyjim kalee20
BushTV22 Fredy3101 kalee99
bvh2000 g0pkh Kayler333
Captain Proton G4GUG ken
cardiosurfer g4xcp kgwatson
carl glover Galgo killurespeed
Charlieboy45 Gar Kirsand
Cherries gary_crutchley  
chilledoutpaul GaviBeta kswhite
  GEC2110 kw2000a
Chrish Georg296 laseractive
CitroJim glowinganode LezLezLez
Cliff Godwin Ljdavek
Codeeze Gordon Lordon
coerl21   lowemission
coldar26 gpo746 lucien nunes
colinmackie GrahamPea m0boc
collisr greenstar Majicou65
Marcus 3700 Raster83 Tom
marczed RedBaron1 tomdussek
mark pirate Red_Machine TomE
MarkC refugee  
martin allen repairman 1234 tony.gillett
mary-m retroaudio Toolman1954
mattoid RichardBache trevor11
MD2021 Rio678 TRIOKenW
MeerKat robot797 tubesrule
Michaelgroky ronhulsman tv-pete
MidlandTV Roodpa TV53
miguel lopez Rosco19 TVMancrosses
mikeatcrowfield russell w. barnes Tye
mikeymushradio rutherfordpaul unixmanuk
  scottart unrealdave
MJRigby shaneh UpperCut
MongooseDC   valvebloke
Morri-278 SilverBells valvekits
mrelburg Simon7030 videodvdrama
MrGPG Sinewave vili944
Mr_Volare Snarf81 VintageTelevision2020
myradioworkshop soldier101983 voldicz
Nakman Southsat wage slave
nev spamhead wattlessdropper
newlite4 sparks wave_solder
niall spectraman waynesapper
nigiepigie Spencersbarn wd40addict
nobby ally pally Spike47 wealdenmaninkent
oblitum staffanu westcliff
OceanicEkco Steve Webb WhiteJam
oldtimer55 steve1010 wirelessman
Pablo_2k0   xymaps
pamphonica   yestertech
PascalD Stockden yyjustin
paul_rk stu100  
pclover stuartfromrhyl  
pcourtney studio263  
percy h stuie319  
Pernod STWebster  
peter sol St_Rudders  
peter10tv Tech66  
Petermotor Teletech  
PhilipsN15026667 Thebirdman61  
picturevalve thermionic  
pmctech2000 Tim  
Powerslide Tipper  
Radioian tnc  
Rallycoordinator Toggers  
ralph Toibs  


Account Housekeeping; Long Overdue

Note: Please read this

This ticket's purpose is to dispel any rumours, gossip, myths, misinformation or 'Fake News', that may arise, as they often do, from the agenda driven shadows. I've not randomly deleted accounts.

All the above accounts were deactivated purely on the reasons of security or inactivity, nothing else.

These accounts had not seen a login from between 1-8 years ago. Newly installed security requiring the use of strong passwords. Inactive accounts may, and I emphasise may, have insecure passwords and as such might be vulnerable to abuse. All the user accounts deactivated have the option to reactivate if they so wish, thus far only a couple have done so.

  • All (see note below) accounts will have received an e-mail stating the account has been deactivated.
  • Within that e-mail is an option to request reactivation
  • A popup notice appear at login to provide assistance and a link, should folk have trouble logging in.


Note: Some accounts bounced back the deactivation e-mail notification, stating the e-mail was undelivered. This will be due to the e-mail associated with the Vrat account, not kept updated with a valid e-mail address.

This further shows the importance of keeping your account at Radios-TV updated with your current e-mail address. Failure to do so will mean you will be unable to reset your password, receive notifications of privates messages, subscriptions to your content or many other site notices. 

Anyone who did not receive the deactivation notice for that reason and still wishes to log in, can use the contact form to request reactivation.

Advice on login/registration and passwords.

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When a member requests reactivation, their status in the above table will be updated and will also be logged below. Upon reactivation a member receives an automated, reactivation e-mail notification.

Members Reactivated List 2020

Slidertogrid 31/07/2020
wartimesounds 15/10/2020 15/10/2020
davegsm82 11/12/2020
Jamie 17/11/2020


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Members Reactivated List 2021

Boingy 20/01/2021
Bobhowe 13/05/2021

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Spot-Wobble Reactivated 18/07/2021

Beamcurrent Reactivated 30/10/2021

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Vrat Founder
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First Light Reactivated 29/12/2021

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Members Reactivated List 2022

linesync Reactivated 06/02/2022

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The deactivated account list had not been updated in over 2-years.

The list is now up-to-date, see post #1 for accurate listing.

As noted in the initial post, these accounts will have been deactivated, due to prolonged inactivity, or for security reasons. Any member on the list can request reactivation.


10 Accounts reacvtivated 18/02/2022

Gorey48 reactivated 05/04/2022