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[Closed] User Account Housekeeping; Deactivated Accounts  

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Deactivated Accounts (as of this posts date)

Deactivated members:94 (not logged in for at least 4+ years)

The deactivated accounts below are still valid at Vrat, they are just "deactivated", meaning you will not be able to login. If any member in the list wishes to reactivate/login and participate in the forum, just use the link in your deactivation e-mail or failing that use the contact form here, I will be happy to reactivate your account.

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Account Housekeeping; Long Overdue

Note: Please read this

This tickets purpose is to dispel any rumours, gossip, myths, misinformation or 'Fake News', that may arise as they often do, from the agenda driven shadows. I've not randomly deleted accounts.

All the above accounts were deactivated purely on the grounds of security reasons, nothing else.

These accounts had not seen a login from between 1-8 years ago. Newly installed security requiring the use of strong passwords. Inactive accounts may and I emphasise may, have insecure passwords and as such might be vulnerable to abuse. All the user accounts deactivated have the option to reactivate if they so wish, thus far only a couple have done so.

  • Today 94 accounts have been deactivated by the automated housekeeping system. The vast majority of these accounts have not been logged on for between 7 years - 10 months ago.
  • All (see note below) accounts will have received an e-mail stating the account has been deactivated.
  • Within that e-mail is an option to request reactivation
  • A popup notice appear at login to provide assistance and a link, should folk have trouble logging in.


Note: Seven accounts bounced back, stating the e-mail was undelivered, when deactivated. This will be due to the e-mail associated with the account here, not having been kept updated, being no longer valid.

This further shows the importance of keeping your account at Radios-TV updated with your current e-mail address. Failure to do so will mean you will be unable to reset your password, receive notifications of privates messages, subscriptions to your content or many other site notices. 

Anyone who did not receive the deactivation notice for that reason and still wishes to login, can use the contact form to request reactivation.

If anyone tells you, VRAT randomly deletes accounts, they are incorrect, point them to this thread.

Advice on login/registration and passwords.

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Posts: 9808
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When a member requests reactivation, their status in the above table will be updated and will also be logged below. Upon reactivation a member receives an automated, reactivation e-mail notification.

Reactivated List

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