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[Closed] CDC Disk drives

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Some information of Control Data Corp disk drives, these were supplied to many OEM’s and badged with the OEM name. They used the SMD (Storage Module Drive);interface and technology. The disc interface could be configured in various ways with a control cable and data cable. Index and sector information could be configured to be on either cable depending on the OEM’s controller. Daisy chaining the drives so more than one drive could be on one controller. A ‘Pick’ signal was sent consecutive to each drive to start the drives. The start winding of the ‘Big’ 300MB removable was about 30Amps at 240vac single phase. Running about 8amps, the 80MB removable had a smaller motor 5 amp running, can’t remember the start figure.





Topic starter Posted : 12/04/2020 1:01 pm