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Hi Chris, you don't need to take the cassette loading tray out, but that is fairly straight forward, it was just a photo looking under the cassette carriage to remind me what mechanism it was. Nothing fancy or detailed. I think you will find most of your faults are rubber related. Excellent having the training manual, was handy as in my case as machines would appear from other from other "engineers" where they had tweaked everything and undone things, they should ask first. In the Broadcast Environment I have had to set things up that would never normally need attention due to little understanding of what they were doing and not willing to learn. On the VHS front I could never understand why an engineer called to a fault would tweak the tape guides and a few pots thinking it would fix a problem? I have a story to tell about a VHS that had no colour playback, just good monochrome. It was two hours before I found the problem, story for another day.

Posted : 23/05/2024 4:56 pm
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Posted by: @hurty

it was just a photo looking under the cassette carriage to remind me what mechanism it was

Here you go.

20240523 181533

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Posted : 23/05/2024 5:17 pm
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That is fine Chris. The machine looks very clean and low mirage. I would take the idler and the two reel table rubbers off and clean them with a bit of fine grain sandpaper to bring them back to a nice matt shine, not to hard and see what happens. There used to be a clear service cassette housing you could buy which allowed you to see what was going on under the cassette.

Posted : 23/05/2024 5:51 pm
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