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Restoration Article on repair of Akai VT-100 VTR (en Français)

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A young French lad in his 30s on a social media network I use repairs many vintage items (helped by his cat), he has posted a blog article about the repair of this VTR, and how he dealt with such issues as the lack of new tape (in the end using some audio tape which is still made, coincidentally in France!), and an interesting technique of 3d printing idler rollers..

If your French has got rusty or is non-existent, Google Translate seems to cope with it fairly well (and you can also look at the pictures..)

Posted : 05/08/2022 7:37 pm
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@alex728 I restored one of these for a colleague many years ago - it had some precious family material on a tape of long-departed relatives. The owner (strictly, the partner of the owner) took this 1/4" tape to several places and was flatly told "no, that's an audio tape, Sir." Before long, a colleague of his called him an idiot and said "who do we know that understands this old stuff...?"

Once I'd got it running (mostly cleaning and lubrication) the next biggest problem was interfacing it to the broadcast world, because these do not have a standard 1V/75R output - they are meant to either feed the companion modulator or the little monitor shown in the article. Luckily, I was able to press some spare broadcast hardware into service - equalisable video amplifiers, a PAL to SD-SDI synchroniser and a colour corrector (to adjust black level) before committing it to a hard drive recorder. Once I'd got to that point, I could tidy it up and then burn DVDs of it.

The owners were delighted, if a little saddened to see and hear family members long departed; the machine was given to her father second-hand and only came out on high days and holidays, usually Christmas.

As a thank you, they bought me a lovely book on the construction of Television Centre... and gave me the machine to keep.

Posted : 05/08/2022 7:50 pm
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