Baird 8922 VHS vcr  

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Hi everyone.

It's my first post here so I hope I'm posting this in the correct place.

I have a Baird 8922 top loader vcr that I'm restoring, so far all of the rubber has been replaced and the pcb behind the piano keys repaired as it was cracked which caused the function keys to jump back up when pressed. That side is all sorted now.

The problem I have with it is that the video output is extremely bad, all patterns and squiggles and no clear image at all. It's the same using either rf out or the a/v out.

The recordings made on it play back fine in other vhs vcrs so I know that part of it is working ok. It just needs a slight tweak of the audio/control head.

I've even sourced and fitted a new video head drum but no improvement .

I've been told it's probably something to do with the head pre amp board but as I've not got access to any test equipment I was wondering if anyone on here has a known working head pre amp PCB for sale please.

That hopefully will cure the picture output problem and I can get on with the serious business of actually watching a film on it using my old Dynatron CTV63 tv.

If anyone has a known working spare head pre amp PCB please let me know. 


Thank you



Posted : 19/10/2018 10:05 pm
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Hi Richard, this machine is a Radio Rentals badged Ferguson 3V22. Loads of them will have been scrapped over the years. Someone may have  3V22 parts, Malc.

Posted : 20/10/2018 9:50 am
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Hi Malc.

Thanks for the reply.

I'm really hoping that someone may still have the pcb I need gathering dust somewhere.



Posted : 20/10/2018 12:03 pm