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Question Does anyone have a Grundig Super 8 film scanner?

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I've heard about these - they use a flying spot technique - but I've never seen one.

Posted : 08/09/2022 5:09 am
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NordMende also did a flying spot Super 8 film scanner, the “Colorvision CCS”.  I thought that it was alone in doing this, but evidently Grundig also joined the party.  Was the Grundig machine perhaps a clone of the NordMende?
I have attached some pertinent items, including the first page of the brochure.  (If I can find the original, I can scan the whole.)
Electronics Australia 1976 June ran a descriptive article, which I can post if it is of interest.
The CCS handled Super 8 with both optical and magnetic (not stereo) sound tracks.
Film speeds were non-standard, 16? and 25 fps.  But then for many years running 24 fps movies at 25 fps was the norm for telecine broadcast purposes with 50 Hz field frequency TV systems.
Nonetheless, I have a vague notion that some Super 8 camera makers (maybe Eumig, but not Beaulieu) did offer models with the 25 fps speed option.
NordMende Colorvision CCS p.01
AV Distributors NordMende CCS 197608
WW 196911 p.514 NordMende Colorvision CCS
Posted : 08/09/2022 10:42 pm
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16fps would be the usual speed for standard 8mm film, with super 8 amateur footage most commonly running at 18fps. Better cameras also offered 24fps. A few high end super 8 cameras have 25fps, I used to have one of the very top Chinon models with a 12X zoom, 200 foot capacity and 18/24/25/36 fps options.


In the mid 80s, Elmo offered a telecine device based on one of their projectors but with a CCD head where the lens barrel would usually be and a might dimmer, more diffuse light source. 

Posted : 23/10/2023 10:57 am