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VCR Ferguson 3V29

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I'd been trying to repair a particularly stubborn Ferguson 3V30 and someone very kindly offered me a 3V29 for the price of postage so the plan was to use the 3V29 as a donor.

20221116 104516

After a board swap I finally managed to narrow down the 3V30's lack of power for the tape sensor bulb to this transistor on the small board behind the audio head:

20221117 142531

However, with the bulb now working it revealed yet another problem as the head drum initially wouldn't rotate then when it did start spinning it started making some unhealthy noises. 

So, enough was enough and I instead decided to use the 3V30 as a donor for the 3V29, mainly the idler wheel, a couple of other parts on the take-up spool as well as the rear main part of the case and cassette door.

Screenshot 20221118 202034 Gallery


Posted : 18/11/2022 9:09 pm
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