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How scary is the loading system on an N1500 ?

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I recently aquired another ancient VCR ..this time a Philips N1501.

Is it worth repairing ?

Dont know.

Are the electronics intact..?

Dont Know.

Are the heads any good ?

Not a clue.

What was working in its favour was that the cord and pully system looked complete...more on this shortly.

The Heads look intact with visual inspection...but could still be worn.

First job was to remove the upper head drum before I attacked the black goop that used to be belts.

This took many many hours ..and I even removed the motors in the process.

Ok ..that eventually was behind me ...but no belts fitted at this point....and the heads were not replaced as yet.

I powered up the VCR and the lower drum cylinder rotated into position..

Once ..and once only before the plastic upper loading gear split as did the cord pulley.

Sort of expected I guess ..but it had to be tried.

On the plus side ..the cords and springs appear to be ok.

I decided to attempt a fix...contacted Van Eck in holland who supply replacement gears and pulleys 3D printed from strong nylon.

These have yet to arrive...but in all honesty it is not a job I'm looking forward to.

My question is ...has anyone on the forum successfully repaired/replaced this assembly on a Philips N1500/1501 vcr ...? and if so ..any advice or tips for me...

all this and I still dont even know if the heads are any good.

I must be crazy..



Topic starter Posted : 04/07/2021 11:40 am
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@vipersan Managed to do this on a N1500 and is fairly straightforward. The small gear slides onto the splines of the top of the loading motor, but may need gentle persuasion if a tight fit. The pulley needs the correct amount of turns of string for the upper and lower grooves which can then be fine tuned with the adjusting screw which holds the knotted end of said string in the top groove.

Once completed, if the loading motor is the type with a groove at the top, use a flat head screwdriver to manually lace and unlace the head several times, slowly, checking for correct string and spring tension, that the string moves unobstructed, and does not incorrectly move from top to bottom pulley grooves, and vice versa.

Hopefully you’ve already succeeded with this since your July post.


Posted : 01/10/2021 2:30 am
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Just to be clear, the machine I referred to in the previous post as having repaired the loading mechanism on, is the one from the thread I started on this forum.

Contrary to the final post on that thread, which is now locked, the red mist lifted before anything was got rid of, and that N1500 [plus a N1502 now, too] is still extant and still being worked on.

Posted : 03/10/2021 4:39 pm
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@vipersan Hi there...I seem to be venturing a similar path to you but with the N1520 which was a semi pro re work of the 1500 chassis but no tuner which was replaced by assemble and insert editing functions...I used this machine in a college environment and rescued it when we were scrapping all the Philips for Beta & VHS models.   I have need to copy a tape for someone so I need it working. My first task is to de goo the belt paths and as you comment it as a swine of a job!. I took the plunge and powered it on! although it didn't go bang it makes a nasty noise which could well be the power unit objecting to perhaps some faulty smoothing?  It didn't however pop any fuses so may me hope....I'm hampered by not having a service manual just scraps of off line circuit which don't really help...`Does anyone know of an online service book?...sadly all our service data a long time ago was dumped by the admin people clearing up one weekend when we weren't there! lots of valuable stuff went in the skip!....My problem is it is over 40+ years since I had one open on the bench and not much is ringing bells at the mo....Just thought you would like to know there are more mad men out there. or here....Cheers .. TOM

Posted : 03/10/2021 10:10 pm