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Ideas for Philips N1500 drive-belts...?

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Seems that the likes of belt-kits are much a thing of the past these days....

Ive got hold of a Philips N1500 VCR originally just for parts.

On examination however internally its very 'clean'--(Unmolested) condition and looks to have little wear to the tape-path in comparison to my N1501.

I think it may be one of the early ones as it has a low serial-number and the update done early in the production-run of the fishing-gut inside the loading-springs and its associated tension arrangement under the deck isn't present, and none of the mounts or holes are either....

The belts are actually missing, the small gear on the lacing mech is split (Very Common Fault) but otherwise in good order apart from being very grubby internally--even the lacing springs haven't been excessively stretched, surprising as that broken gear controls the 'mode' switches--for want of a better description.....

I think I can repair that gear with some Araldite, like I did years ago on the 1501, --still working now--Worth a try...

Externally, the machine is pretty rough, but I think it might be fun just to try and get it running. The Video-Heads Appear not too bad--then again, you can never really tell by looking!

So--Any ideas as to what belts may work--or even just the sizes of them. The tape-counter belt is the only one thats left--but turned to slime....

I cant at the moment get to the 1501 to borrow its belts or measure them,--Its rather buried behind a load of stuff!

Ive put a wanted request out--but any info would be good too....

Posted : 17/07/2013 9:37 pm
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In the late 1970s we cut larger belts and super-glued the ends for VCRs generally

Posted : 17/07/2013 10:05 pm
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Well--Partial success!

Machine fully cleaned, tape-path set up and we have pictures--The capstan servo is locked on record (according to voltages on the eddy-brake)-but not on playback--There's no volts to brake on play.....
The ACE head appears OK, and so is its position in relation to tape, as well as the tension of the tape across it.

I have a service-manual, --all be it in Dutch, although the control-head pre-amp lives on Board 'B'--the schematic of which is missing in this manual!

Anyone have the schematic called, 'Circuit Diagram 'B' from a Philips N1500 manual...?

--Its the one with the rec/playback switches on it.....

Posted : 21/07/2013 8:19 pm
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Hi Al,

I may have diagram B for the N1500, I will have a look for you this evening when I get back from work. :aad

Posted : 22/07/2013 7:00 am
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Ah--Cheers for that!

The Block Diagram indicates there's 5 transistors and the tracking-control associated with the control-pre-amp, and they all live on that 'B' diagram. The record driver transistor is also on there.

Ive checked the continuity of the head down to that board, no probs there, after that its rather hard to see whats going on, as the rec/play switch gets involved, especially as the thing isn't the easiest to service while running!

Posted : 22/07/2013 11:04 am