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CTV Sharp DV-RW360H VCR-DVD Combi.

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Till Eulenspiegel
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Although branded as a Sharp I doubt if this VCR was made by the company.

Sharp DV RW360H

 The owner of the machine informed me that it had been out of use for a considerable time. Switched mode power supply has failed.  So far I've found three faulty components, the 2SK3566 chopper FET, the 2SC1815 driver and a fusible safety resistor.  Diodes in the Hot and Cold circuits check OK.

Sharp DV RW360H PSU

 Whether or not it was wise to accept this unit for repair is another matter. At least the transistors are readily available. 2SC1815 = BC182.

Till Eulenspiegel.  

Posted : 20/11/2023 7:18 pm
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Back in the day when I used to service these one thing I remember was that unlike a lot of similar machines the optical drive was very reliable. If one did come in not playing discs then it was nearly always just a laser lens clean, just as well as Sharp were charging silly money as usual for replacement parts. I seem to remember that these were DVD-R and -RW only where at the time the competition could cope with DVD+ & - discs.


Posted : 20/11/2023 8:35 pm
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CHANGE the electrolytic capacitor below the 2SC1815. This goes low in value starving drive to the chopper transistor causing it to get hot and fail.

Posted : 12/02/2024 1:05 pm
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