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Memorabilia Vintage Rediffusion rental scheme advertisement

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Found this on twitter, thought you guys would appreciate it.


My aunt and uncle were still renting their TVs up until the mid-2000s.  When they called to finally cancel their contract, the company offered them their TV to own for £50, and they said no.  The company then offered £30 instead, and they said no again.  Finally the person on the phone said "Why don't you just keep it and donate it to charity?" It was sat in my bedroom a few hours later.

Topic starter Posted : 20/10/2021 10:15 pm
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The parents of one of my friends rented a Panasonic video like the one in the picture, after a few years it was replaced by a more modern front loading one with IR remote control.

Like most people in the mid 1980s they owned their TV, an ITT which was my first experience of the brand.

Posted : 21/10/2021 9:15 am