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Who still owns VCR's?  

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Lordy, I've got a few. One underneath the main telly, a JVC HR-S770, a Panasonic NV-730 under my bedroom CVC5.

All-sorts in my workshop/man cave and recently discovered in a bedroom wardrobe....


...these three Pop-up-pirates

Posted : 19/04/2020 8:37 pm
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I have a Hitachi S-VHS, a Sony SuperBeta, a Philips Video 2000 and a JVC D-VHS! Working and in occasional use for watching movies.

Additionally, I have a Luxor rebadged Philips N1700 waiting for restoration!

Still on the lookout for a Video8 VCR...

Posted : 19/04/2020 8:54 pm
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I've got some Panasonic VHS machines from the late 80s early 90s one being a S-VHS. but I cant remember the model numbers as they are behind some heavy items that are not easy to shift!!!.



Posted : 19/04/2020 10:18 pm
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I've still got a Sony & a Philips, both late 1990s models.

I had to replace the power module in the Sony last year, it probably needed a capacitor or 2 replacing but the enclosure looked like it needed a major desoldering job to get it open.

This was caused by keeping it powered up but unused, so remember to only power yours when you need to.

Posted : 19/04/2020 10:34 pm
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I have still got a Ferguson 3V29. Not in everyday use but does get the odd outing. Apart belts it is all original.


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Posted : 19/05/2020 9:20 pm
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A strange thing happened last week. I found an abandoned Bush VCR915VPSIL VHS machine on the street. It had been left outside for a week and even the dustmen hadn't taken it, so I felt sorry for it and took it home. It actually worked perfectly! Remarkable, since it's one of those cheap very lightweight ones, probably one of the last VHS machines made by Orion.

I was just thinking to use it as a modulator, since it has SCART in and RF out (channel 36). Then I wondered how to change the RF channel. I didn't find the original remote control with the machine, but I tried a One-For-All using the Orion VCR code 0348. I was able to get into the menu, but saw no option to change RF output. Of course I don't have the instruction manual either. Is there some secret combination of buttons that you have to press on Orion VCRs, like on the Daewoo VHS machines?

Posted : 21/05/2020 12:01 am
Till Eulenspiegel
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Fixed a Ferguson FV81LV yesterday.


It didn't need much work to get it going.  Replaced a 220uF 10V capacitor in the power supply unit to rectify what was a well known fault causing a dim front panel display. The mode switch needed cleaning. Doing this solved another common fault which is not fully ejecting the cassette tape.

FV81LV.Mech 1
FV81LV 2


Plays back PAL

FV81LV 5

and NTSC tapes.


 Till Eulenspiegel.

Posted : 21/05/2020 12:41 am
Katie Bush
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That pile of 'pop ups' looks very interesting! - Hmm..........

Posted : 21/05/2020 8:48 pm
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