If you would like to make contact please use the form below, however there are a some specific conditions to be aware of. This may seem harsh but we get inundated with these all the time and as such had to take this position.

Sales,Valuations & Purchases

  • We do not provide valuations
  • We do not purchase your item/s
  • We do not sell anything you see on the site.
  • We do not provide advice where to sell your item, If you want to sell something then let it find its natural value on e-bay.

Any requests received for valuations, requests to purchase TV’s on this site or where to sell your piece of equipment will not be responded to as clearly you will have ignored the advice on this page. If you’re having a clear out, have items you wish to donate rather than take it to the tip, then we will accept your kind donation and pay the postage costs.

Modern TV’s

We have no interest in late 80’s or 90’s or beyond, CRT TV’s or indeed the flat panel era we are in now. Please don’t post requests for help or information about these type of sets. Any such contacts will be ignored and comments made anywhere else on the site will be removed.

Props for Television, Film and Art Projects

We do not provide TV’s or get involved in any of the above, please do not ask. Any requests received will not be responded to.

Advice to Assist Litigation

We will not  assist or be drawn into providing technical documents or statements of any kind related to these cases. Any requests received will not be responded to.

Repairs or Servicing

  • We do not take in repairs for others.
  • We do not hold or provide a list of other repairers

Any contact to do with this type of request will not be responded to.


If you wish to donate spares that would otherwise be scrapped, then we are more than happy to pay the postage cost of said items or if withing reasonable traveling distance, collect. Items such as PCB’s for early CTV, transistors, Diodes, IC’s resistors, capacitors, LOPTS & triplers etc are welcome.