Customers, Customers, you’ve gotta love em!

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There were the regular OAP (usually) calls on certain Philips models for no sound, you would advise them where the speaker switch was and what to do, they would toddle off and then in the background you would hear the set blare out something like, “THIS IS BBC.. “. The shocked OOH! from the customer then a return to the phone with ” that’s got it” It always reminded me of Basil Fawlty and Mrs Richards..” is this a piece of your brain?”.

I was called out to a customer who had recently bought a new Nicam Philips from us. They were complaining of poor teletext and pops and clicks on the sound. When I got there I found the set was wired to one of the cheapest crappy set top aerials I had ever seen, the customer and house resembled something out of a Harry Enfield sketch (the ones had a daughter called Frogmella).

I commented that the set needed a better aerial, they had spent a fair bit on the set and were spoiling it for the sake of a good aerial. I said something like the sound will pop if the signal is bad it’s because it’s Nicam stereo… Quick as a flash she plonked the baby on the settee stubbed out her fag tightened up her dressing gown and asked ” stereo? were doya put the records? A simple mistake I suppose.. after all Amstrad did make a telly that played records…

One thought on “Customers, Customers, you’ve gotta love em!

  1. When I was on the Philips Technical Advice line, ‘no sound’ was a common call from a frustrated customer. It usually went along the lines of…’it was fine last night when we turned off after watching the News at Ten then when I switched on this morning there was no sound.’

    Me: ‘Have you dusted the set this morning?’
    Customer: ‘My wife polished it doing the housework’
    Me: ‘Is the set on now?’
    Customer: ‘Yes’
    I would then explain where the speaker switch button was. ‘Go and press it’.
    After a few, as above, there would be a blare of sound and I would imagine a further few seconds of the customer frantically pressing the volume down button on the remote……

    Customer: ‘That’s got it. Thanks.”

    Happy days!

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