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During the 1980’s and 90’s we had a fair few slot meter rentals, some of the customers were a little..well let’s just say “Rough diamonds”.

One of the ones I quite liked visiting was Debs she was always a laugh and always had a hot cup of tea on the go. She was a little rough and definitely ready, for what I shudder to think.

She would joke around and you had to be careful not to say anything that could be taken the wrong way or things could get a bit “carry on”. One day I had a call to empty the meter, I knocked on the door, (I should explain Debs lived in a terrace house the foot of the stairs meeting the front door at a right angle) the door was flung open and I was confronted with debs standing two steps up dressed just in a slip and the biggest white “Dreadnought Industrial” size bra which was straining somewhat under it’s load. Because she was two steps up this formidable apparatus was right at eye height.

Somewhat embarrassed and taken a little by surprise I said ” Blimey Debs dip your headlights your dazzling me!” She just laughed and went to put the kettle on, Cor now I know what Sid James felt like when Matron was bearing down on him in that nightdress! I decided I was too busy for tea, I would have probably split it anyway! I emptied her slot, made my excuses and made my way quickly to the next job.

Oooh! Matron! Nooo!

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