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DERVANOf Further Interest

I have a D|E|R TV service engineers tool case, kindly donated by a good friend who worked for D|E|R

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1 year ago

I worked for DER in the early 1980s, I saw the introduction of the 8930 video recorder (basically a rebadged Ferguson 3V30/JVC HR7300 with re-designed cosmetics) amongst other models.
At the time, there were still a lot of sets on rental that were shown in the first brochure on this page. The only monochrome sets that I can ever recall being rented by DER on Teesside, where I was based, were extremely “geriatric” models using the Thorn 1500 chassis.

7 months ago

Worked for DER from 1973 to 1985 having attended their Accelerated training course in Plumstead. Many stories to tell. We were “lumbered” with a batch of 4000 Series TVs, 26″ I believe, and told that until they had all been rented out we wouldn’t get any new TVs. I believe they were a cancelled order made for the South African Market and reworked for the UK. Loads of Thick-Film modules. The attraction of a Escort Estate private use company vehicle and the fun and games of a visit from the Transport Manager. How to make cope with loads of missing hubcaps? Just have engineers wait around the corner so every vehicle turned up with a full set.

Reply to 
7 months ago

HI Freddo, ex DER here 1974 with a few company name changes with mergers until the end of Boxclever in 2005. If you want reacquaint yourself with the now extremely rare 4000 chassis see here. https://www.radios-tv.co.uk/community/colour-television/1975-hmv-2726-coloumaster-thorn-4000/ The teak 5762 was always intended for the UK rental market but the 3C05 sets originally intended for South Africa were a walnut cabinet.

Oh yes, how we used to fear the transport manager turning up unannounced. One day he arrived and I was chosen first for a vehicle check, I had unofficially fitted a pair of Fiamm airhorns and wasn’t able to reconnect the original horn without him spotting me. I thought I had got away with it but the very last check was “Horn please”. He was not impressed when I sounded it with his head under the bonnet. My time at DER was the best days of my working career.

Last edited 7 months ago by Jayceebee
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