Early 1970’s GEC Monochrome sets


Thought some of you might like to see a brochure of Black & White GEC sets on offer in the early 1970’s

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Further Info: A Black & White GEC portable in my collection

I have the GEC 2114 in my small Monochrome collection, details as follows.

Model: GEC 2114


System:625 Line

Valves: None all transistor

Condition: Repaired

Repair detail:

The 2114 I believe was GEC’s all transistor successor to their popular valved Crystal 13, the 2015. Its quite unusual as the ones I’ve seen elsewhere invariably have all white surrounds, whereas this one has a black fascia around the CRT.

When first powered up there was barely a raster, this turned out to be a really simple repair, just dry joints. Once wetted the set came to life.

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