Early 1970’s ITT/KB Monochrome Sets

Here are a couple of Black and White offerings from ITT/KB

ittkbmono70s-a ittkbmono70s-b

2 thoughts on “Early 1970’s ITT/KB Monochrome Sets

  1. What an amazing advert, they certainly seem to be making up for the lack of colour in the televisions with that advert!

    I remember televisions from that era with stands, the television with the legs looks rather retro/old-fashioned to my eyes, and more something you would see in the 60s. Maybe due to my age when I see a television with legs I can’t help thinking of Evil Edna.

    • We have two of the 20″ versions down here in Cornwall,if anyone is interested they can possibly go to a new home. One as pictured, the other has the black old English vinyl effect front. I had the same set when I was a lad back in about 1982 probably a council tip find!

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