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  1. Just looked at the EkcoT520 with the Europa ‘368’ chassis.The 368 chassis was a decent set from my experience but it’s Achilles heel was that rotary tuner. They had problems with the push button unit with the buttons flying across the room, the rotary tuner damaged the drive cog wheel.

    The die cast cog wheel was driven by a thin metal quadrant, this dug into the diecast teeth of the cog wheel and stripped the teeth then jammed The customer applying more pressure to the tuner knob caused that to break.

    Pye/Ekco changed the design to have the quadrant made of diecast metal and much wider to match the cog wheel. I used to carry the spare cog wheels, quadrants and knobs on the van. Still had failures from time to time but on the whole was a good modification.


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