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Annual Running Costs

Other sites fund their expenses via data sales or other means such as advertising, I do neither. All the information here is free to its ‘active’ members. However in reality, nothing in life is truly free.

I personally have to fund hosting fees, site software purchases, licensing costs, support fees and then the acquisition of the data and its subsequent scanning. Let alone the personal time spent on administration and maintenance of the blog, forum and assisting its membership.

If you use Radios-TV, its services and data and you like what Radios-TV stands for and provides to the vintage Radio & Television community, then perhaps you might consider being a patron by making a donation to help fund us.

All contributions great or small, are gratefully appreciated and will help towards the annual running costs. In the unlikely scenario of there being a surplus, then it will go towards funding projects and or site enhancements.


2018-2019 running costs are now open for donations. This to cover:

  • “Pro” hosting fees
  • Annual licensing of forum “modules” which includes Advanced attachments, Embeds, Polls, Banners & Custom fields.

If you would like to donate, you will find the button at the foot of the page. You can choose to provide a small recurring monthly payment or a single donation.

Thank you.


Radios-TV / Vrat Patrons: Previous year Oct 2017- Oct 2018  Radios-TV / Vrat Patrons: Current year Oct 2018- Oct 2019 
Tony “Boingy” Adrian “Hurty”
Adrian “Hurty” Trevor “MurphyV310”
Andy ” Doz” Rich “Sideband”
Frank “Nuvistor” Andy ” Doz”
John “Jayceebee” Frank “Nuvistor”
Gary “Colourmaster” Christopher Lxxgxxy (sorry no idea which member this is but thank you!)
Andrew “PYE625”
Jon “TVJon74”
Mike “Mikey66”
Jon “6.3volts”
Sam “Boater Sam”
Peter Scott “Peter Scott”
Kan_Turk “John”
Anthony “ntscuser”
2017-2018 contributions closed…

Project News!

Project “Reunification” complete. Thanks to those members listed below left who helped with the 2017-2018 targets which is now closed.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to those listed above that contributed towards the annual running costs and project Reunification“.

2018-2019 contributions now open…


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